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Our Mission

Caring for pain free life, researching, educating those who served.

Our Vision

Our vision for International interventional pain management center is to be the best place for care anywhere and the best place to work in healthcare.



International Interventional Pain Management Center

International Interventional Pain Management Center is a comprehensive range of integrated services for patients with acute, chronic pain, headache, cancer pain. The center is combined of western medicine and Chinese medicine divisions to offer for the patients a wide evidence-based pain management variety.
The combined expertise of a team of specialists offers some of the most advanced treatment options currently available. Our goal is to decrease the level of pain and suffering, to return the maximum level of functioning and independence, and help restore quality of life.

The center has 3 divisions:

  • Western Medicine including interventional pain management, headache medicine, cancer pain management.
  • Chinese Medicine represented by Acupuncture and medical massage.
  • Middle East Pain Academy (MEPA) – training center.



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Western Medicine Division

Chinese Medicine Division

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