Nutrition Clinic

Nutrition Clinic

What we consume plays a critical role in how our bodies function, so it shouldn’tbe surprising that diet is extremely important, thus the focus of a nutritional approach to pain management. The proper foods can make an enormous difference in how fast and well your body heals, as well as how you respond to ongoing pain.

Everything that enters your body affects basic chemistry and influences key physiological operations; if you haven’t made optimal nutrition a priority in your pain management repertoire, then now is a good time to start.

We, in the International Interventional Pain Management center give a nutritional consultation for all pain illnesses such as (migraine and headache, patients with acute or chronic pain and cancer pain…) by our dietitian for an optimal result besides our doctors’ assessment and treatment.

A nutritional tips for pain management:

  • Maintain high levels of vitamin D which plays a strong role in limiting inflammation.
  • Limit processed foods to improve your general health.
  • Include turmeric, this spice has proven medicinal benefits including antiinflammation.
  • Increase your food intake from magnesium because it plays a key role in muscle relaxation, so maintaining
  • High levels in your system can minimize muscle tension
  • Eat Omega-3 fatty acids, consume fish, seeds and nuts that are high in Omega-3 fatty acids which play
  • important role in lowering inflammation and elevating mood
  • Melatonin a hormone found in some foods like egg, fish, milk, nuts, rice, corn and bananas, a compound that
  • improves sleep which is critical for chronic pain sufferers
  • Antioxidants may help ease some of the symptoms of chronic painconditions.

Although these are important points to consider when modifying your diet for pain management, ultimately, you will experience the greatest benefit when you adopt a healthy nutrition program that emphasizes a natural, nutritious diet with minimal fat, sugar and artificial ingredients.

For more details please book an appointment at our center: +962791111412

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